SUNFLOWERS: Incredible Journeys of Epic Women Artists from India

Sunflowers: Incredible Journeys of Epic Women Artists from India unveils unfiltered and untold success stories of twelve remarkable women artists. The book captures the heart and mind of these female artists belonging from diverse fields such as theatre, visual arts, fashion, etc. and traces their artistic journeys through pivotal stages of their lives. Much like sunflowers, each artist blossoms amid adversities, demonstrating art as a rewarding career and challenging societal biases.

Through the real-life narratives, the book urges readers to view artists as creative nurturers of society. It explores personal themes like relationships, youthful aspirations, the choice between pursuing passion and academic education, the influence of family and friends, and the delicate balance between an artist's life and societal roles like mother, daughter, partner, etc. These uplifting tales will not only inspire the young but also enlighten general readers while providing valuable insights for researchers in gender studies, sociology, popular culture, and more.